The Return of The Jaguar Within


The Return of The Jaguar Within The Return of The Jaguar Within

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The Return of The Jaguar Within

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Inicia: 2022-06-17 - Finaliza: 2022-06-23

Hora: 10:00:00

Ascension Maya
"The Return of The Jaguar Within" Magic journey retreat in Bacalar, Q.R. Mexico June 17-22,2022

A Magical emersion with the elements”

A spiritual MAYA ITZ Retreat
June 17-22, 2022

Welcome Jaguar Wisdom Keepers!
You are Magic and awareness!
Present and alive!
You are Here and Now to unleash your Jaguar Wisdom Magic…

Roar that you are:
The Earth
Birth, grow and reproduce…
You are The Water
Cry, clean and flow…
You are The Air
Breathe, speak and create…
You are The Fire
Ignite, burn and transmute…
You are The Either
Connect, weave and fuzzed all your intentions into reality.
Because you are a WIZARD of the sacred and The Holy Earth!

Remember…. You are everything and your Earth Magic can be created by the love and gratitude in your 💜

Thank you for listening to the call of The Jaguar Within 🐆

Welcome to the magical 7 colors Laguna Bacalar, the place where we meet many ancient years ago. ..

The gate of The Heart of Heaven and The Heart of the Earth...

The place of peace in the middle heart of our hearts…

The Waters that create a magic mirror here and now!

The Waters of life's origin and the place of creation, transformation and manifestation.

Our intentions with this sacred journey is to restore the " ITZ" potencial in every human being and to help them remember all that they are!
To ignite the sacred magical earthly force of energy that can be created by our intent, words, projections, offerings and divine purity of intentions.

MAYA ITZ - is a flow or energy that creates and actives the Jaguar mystical force, it's a sweet honey golden mist that radiates from our pure hearts in the fields of dreams or Mayan Najt.

ITZ Magic is the Jaguar wisdom path…

Come joins us as we discover the collective Magical power of our ITZ heart power.

Schedule of event's

Mayan Trecena of 1 Tzikin/ Eagle or Quetzal bird symbol of Vision, Freedom and abundance for all!

Friday June 17 / 11 Kan- Serpent.
A good day dedicated to find your own truth.
Early arrival in Cancun airport and take ADO red bus in the airport to go Bacalar Lagoon a. 4 Hrs.
You may choose a closer airport in the city of Chetumal it’s only 40 minutes from Cayuco Maya.

Transfers are not included unless you come to the Bacalar Ado bus station by no later than 4 pm on June 17 where will transport everyone to our sacred location in Cayuco Maya ). Otherwise you have to take a taxi.

10-4 pm Accommodation of our guest in Cayuco Maya

5 pm Welcoming Dinner

6 pm Introduction to "The Return Jaguar within" sacred magic journey in Bacalar.

7 pm Opening Maya Sacred ceremony
10 pm Rest for early wake up

Saturday June 18 / 12 Kame Is good day for rebirth and transformation.
A day to honor all our ancestors and relations.

6am Sunrise activation
7 am Breathe of life activation
8 am Nutritious breakfast
10 am Voice and song Magic activation.
12 Maya Itz with the wind pipes
1 pm Nutritional lunch
2-4 pm water Jansu
5 pm Maya Temascal Tuj with sacred plants.
7 pm Warm Vegetable soup
8- 10 pm Drum and Music Circle.

Sunday June 19 /13 Kej a good to connect with the Mother Earth and all other elements.
7 am Mayan Mudra and Breathing techniques
8 am Breakfast
11 am Decoding the Magic of the 5 elements.
12 Maya Itz Sun hour
1 pm Nutricional Lunch
3 pm Mayan Tobacco purification
4- 6pm Mayan Cacao - ceremony
6-12 Plant Medicine sacrament ceremony (Optional)
12 Midnight Integration.
1 am End of ceremony

Monday June 20/ 1 Qanil a day for qqq new seeds and new projects in our lives.
9 am Breakfast
10 am Transfer to Sac-ha
sacred pool of Stramatolitos
12 Maya Itz with the sacred water
1 Picnic
4pm return to Bacalar to new location
6 pm Dinner in Bacalar
7pm Drum circle

Tuesday June 21/ 2 Toj is good day to offer and open the gate of all possibilities.
7 am. Breakfast
8am Departure to Kohunlich
12 Mayan solstice ceremony at magic site.
3 pm Lunch
6 pm Dinner
7 pm Closing circle.
8-10pm return to Bacalar
10 pm End of the retreat.

Wednesday 22/ 3 Tzi a good day to call your inner authority.

8-12 Noon All departures to Bacalar Ado Bus station NOT included but we have taxis and staff to take you for S20

What is included :

Transfer from Ado Bus station in Bacalar and into Cayuco Maya and entrance to Mayan Site and pool of Stromatolites.
All Breakfast, lunches and one welcoming dinner and 2 warm vegetables soups after ceremonies ( Other dinners are on you).

The kitchen has food until 5 pm after that it’s open 4 self clean kitchen for cooking).

This retreat also includes a spot for you in our Mayan Mercadito/ Market in Cayuco Maya for selling and promoting your hand made goods, treasures and magical potions.

The Price is $ 800.00 Us. dollars with your tent equipment.

Double room $1100.00 Us dollars (based on double occupant lodging)
Add $200.00 US. for a private single room)
A $500 US Dollars must pay by June 1, 2022 at pay pal at secures your spot.
For more information on this retreat contact Nan Shuni at

Things to bring:

With medicines such as incenses, tabaco, Rape, candles, crystal, instruments, herbs, spices, flowers, oils, letters, oracles and anything that it's special.for you to bring.

Also bring your tent and bed equipment if you choose the camping option
sleeping bag
yoga mat
Water shoes
water bottle
Drum or rattle
notebook and pen
bathing suit
Mosquito repellent
light comfortable clothes and shoes.
a white or colorful outfit for or ceremony it’s a must but not necessary!

What it’s not included:
Air fare, insurance, logging before or after the set dates, snacks and purchases and taxi drivers to the city of Bacalar
Driver gratuities to the special sites.

Your presenters :
NaN Shuni Giron Maya Ajq’iij and calendar keeper, curandera and spiritual guide, guardian of the oral traditions of the Popol Vuh sacred book of the Mayas.

Akasha Aramara, Aquatic teacher, Janzu, Mexica/ Maya tradition, song carrier Medicine Woman and Danza de Luna former Member.

Yami Isaac Love Cuban / Brazilian
Plant Medicine woman, elemental alchemist, mother, sister, healer and curandera.

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